Municipal Golf Course

Handeye Course (Blue) – Par 58 – 7,012 ft
Physics of Flight Course (Red) – Par 57 – 6,811 ft

This is the location of the YouTube famous “wind putt”. A beautiful golf course is the setting for this long and open course. The wind always seems to be stronger just outside of town at the “Muni” and the wind is almost always blowing in town. Bring your stable discs and remain focused for all 18 holes. These courses will challenge your mental game like no other.

TD Info – Handeye Course (Blue)

Tournament Director – Lennie Siegel – 248-408-7628

Assistant Tournament Director – Steve Howes – 970-409-7305

Handeye Course (Blue)

Pool E – MA1 – Play normal pads
Pool F – MA2 – Play normal pads
Pool G – MA2 – Play normal pads

TD Info – Physics of Flight Course (Red)

Tournament Director – Jeremy Pennucci – 937-478-4864

Assistant Tournament Director – Porter Yax – 512-350-3000

Physics of Flight Course (Red)

Pool C – FA1, FA40, FA50, FA2, MA60 – Play normal pads
Pool G – MA2 – Play normal pads
Pool I – MA40 – Play normal pads

Note: For all lies within 2 meters of a barbed wire fence (including shots that have gone OB past a barbed wire fence), up to 2 meters of relief from the barbed wire fence may be taken. This added relief does not apply when within 10 meters of a basket.

Hole Descriptions
Click to View Handeye Course (Blue) Map
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Handeye Course (Blue)

Physics of Flight Course (Red)