Spectator Guidelines



Spectators are extremely important to the Glass Blown Open. We encourage everyone to come out and watch their favorite player during the competition. In order to make sure that each competitor is able to play their best we have a few guidelines we ask our spectators to follow.

  • Be courteous to competitors
  • Keep cell phones off or on silent
  • Do not crowd around the tee pad, baskets, or in the fairways
  • Do not ask for autographs while a competitor is playing
  • Be silent when you are near a competitor
  • Taking photos/videos for personal use is permitted.
    • Use #GBO2016 when posting personal photos on social media.
    • Be mindful of sounds your equipment makes.
    • Do not be a distraction to competitors.
    • Commercial photography/video is not permitted.
  • Do not pick up a competitors disc, even if it is out of bounds.
  • Do not litter.


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