Vending at the Block Party

Are you interested in vending at the 2017 Glass Blown Open Block Party? The city of Emporia shuts down the 800 and 900 blocks of Commercial Street for this exciting event. Close to 1100 players will compete play in the tournament. The Block Party has historically been a very well attended event. Players, spectators, and the local community come out and celebrate the awards, the huge ring-of-fire, the putting championship finals, and lots of other great activities. As a vendor at the Block Party, expect to have hundreds of disc golf players and fans stop by and see you. The Block party always has a great mix of disc golf vendors mixed in with the local Emporia vendors selling food, drinks, and non-disc golf goods.

A few ground rules for 2017 GBO disc golf related vendors.

  1. Stock-stamped discs of any sort are not to be sold (regardless of manufacturer). This is an opportunity to provide a large group of buyers unique disc golf products.
  2. Non-disc stock items that are also sold in the Dynamic Discs Retail stores (shoes, stools, DD-branded apparel, baskets, etc…) are also not to be sold. If you have any questions about specific items, please ask. Again, our goal is to provide GBO participants and the Emporia community an opportunity to purchase unique items.
  3. All custom-stamped discs are eligible for sale (regardless of manufacturer).
  4. Custom apparel items are eligible for sale. Disc golf related items that are customized to represent your organization are also eligible for sale.
  5. Specific vending spaces will be assigned the week of the event. A map will be provided indicating where your space is. Our goal is to mix the disc golf vendors with the local non-disc golf vendors. You may or may not be next to other disc golf vendors.
  6. Vendors will only be able to sell merchandise during the GBO at the Block Party on Saturday, April 29th from 5PM to 11PM. Vendors will not be permitted to sell at other times during the Glass Blown Open.
  7. Vendors should be set up by 5:00PM on Saturday, April 29th. Vendors will have vehicle access to their vending booth at to 3:30PM. After 4:55PM, vehicle access will be denied to your vending spot.
  8. The Block Party will be over by 11:00PM on Saturday, April 29th. If you tear down early, you will not be able to access your space via a vehicle. Vehicles will be allowed for tear down after 11:00PM.
  9. Dynamic Discs reserves the right to deny a vendor request based on the product they would like to sell. The GBO Block Party is not the place to sell goods or services related to illegal drugs, pornography, and/or other potentially offensive products.

Need electricity for your booth? Let us know…we will make sure you are “wired”!

Fees for vending:

Wholesale customers of Dynamic Discs will be charged $100 to vend at the Block Party. This fee must be paid prior to the event.

Non-wholesale customers of Dynamic Discs will be charged $200 to vend at the Block Party. This fee must be paid prior to the event.

The last day to reserve a vending space at the Bock Party will be Friday, April 14th.

If you are interested in vending at the 2017 GBO Block Party, please contact Doug Bjerkaas at