Rainwater Razz Round


The top four MPO finishers and the top four FPO finishers will compete in a three-hole modified alternate/best shot doubles format. Teams will be assigned as follows: MPO 1st place & FPO 4th place, MPO 2nd place & FPO 3rd place, MPO 3rd place & FPO 2nd place, and MPO 4th pace & FPO 1st place. If there are ties for any of the first four spots in either division, the lower PDGA number will be considered the higher seed.

Note: If an MPO or FPO top-4 finisher opts out of this event, the next highest finisher will be offered their place.


Players are competing for a $2000 first place prize. There is not a prize for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th places. Doubles teams will play three holes of modified alternate shot. All players will drive from the tee. Alternate shot will begin after the tee shot. If the MPO tee shot is used, the FPO player will throw next. Players will alternate shots until they hole out. The same player may account for all three of the tee shots used in the competition. If there is a tie for first place after three holes, the teams tied for first will play a sudden-death playoff.


Players will play hole 8, hole 5, and hole 7 from the long tees at the Emporia Country Club. Players will meet behind the clubhouse at the tee box for hole 8 of the Country Club course.


This round will start 30 minutes after the final MPO card is turned in for the National Tour GBO final round.


After seeing Todd Rainwater host the Razz Round at the Nantucket Open and to see our first version of the event in 2019 at the Glass Blown Open, we knew we had to do it again. This experience is a one-of-a-kind deal. Thanks, Todd, for the idea and support!


Pretty standard disc golf rules….except….each team will be assigned a color – red, yellow, blue, or green. Fans will be able to purchase cowbells to match the color of the team they are rooting for. These fans are encouraged to make as much noise as possible during the three-hole event. What will ensue will be nothing short of crazy. The team that weathers the noise storm and tallies the lowest score will win $2000! Not only that, but the fans that purchase the winning color of cowbell will also win a special limited edition Rainwater Razz Round disc!

Tickets for cowbells will be available for sale throughout GBO week. These tickets can be used to get your cowbell at the Country Club when the final round of the GBO National Tour event is completed. Cowbells can also be purchased at the Country Club from the minute the last putt drops until 30 minutes later when the Razz Round begins. Cowbells will cost $5.00 each. Each cowbell purchase includes one entry into the caddy drawing. Caddies for each of the 8 players will be drawn from these entries right before the first hole begins. Fans will want to hold onto their tickets because they will be needed to check to see if they have won a spot as a caddy. Tickets will also be redeemed for a disc for each of the winning team’s ticket holders. These discs will be available either on-site at the Country Club or at the Block Party later that evening.

**Purchase of cowbells is not required or necessary to participate in the Razz Round. Cowbells give you the chance to be a caddy, win a disc if your team wins, and make a lot of noise, but they are not required to attend the Razz Round.